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Corporate clients

Many of our consultants have worked with multi-national corporate clients, so are completely understanding to their specialist requirements. We recognize that once we receive a request from a corporate client for assistance, not only can we offer all of the tenant services indicated here, but specifically we can offer a specialist, highly personal service to suit the modern day need of Companies.

We offer:
  • A package of preliminary information on Moscow, containing up-to-date information on available property, along with photographs and layout details.
  • Moscow city excursions to help familiarize the client and his/her family with the capital, and the surrounding areas. The Moscow city excursion will provide any transferring expatriate and family with an overview of the quality of life that they can expect to experience during their Moscow posting.
  • 'Meet and Greet' service for clients arriving at various airports.
  • Comfortable transportation and experienced drivers.
  • Viewings of apartments and houses at the convenience of clients.
  • Legal status of apartments and houses is checked by our laywers and get ready for signing lease agreement.
  • Professional legal, tax and insurance advice.
  • Concluded lease agreement meets all requirements and standards of client's Company.
  • Property check and technical check of estate property.
  • Act of transfer and acceptance of estate property.
  • Assistance with solving any legal matter and technical problems throughout the lease term.
  • Support in termination of lease agreement.
  • Personnel for family ( baby-sitters, house-maid and ext.)
  • Delivery and assembling of furniture.
We are always happy to help our Clients!
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