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Residential and Non Residential property prices in Moscow in recent years have significantly increased. Many financial institutes predict a steady growth in the Russian economy, and associated with this is a steady increase in property prices. A key factor to consider here is the huge demand for hotel rooms in the city; the supply of which is completely overrun by demand. Therefore many individuals and Companies are already reviewing the business opportunities associated with purchasing for investment.

Astoria Realty can offer a fully comprehensive support team to assist with any potential property purchase. The biggest concern which foreign investors have in general, is how their money will be protected. Astoria can simply explain the whole purchase process to reassure prospective clients that they are making the right decision by investing in Russia, and specifically in choosing Astoria Realty to assist with the process.

Our service offered is from the initial promotion right through to closing and signing of purchase agreements. Astoria Realty can also assist prospective clients with establishing loans in order to purchase property.